A new standard in content filtering

Citadel is a next-generation internet content filter powered by unparalleled technology.
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Citadel employs state-of-the-art neural networks and other machine-learning technology to automatically and accurately filter a wide variety of internet content including images, video, and text in 44 languages and 141 categories.

We truly believe that the technology within Citadel sets a new industry standard by a wide margin. We encourage you to visit our features page for complete, detailed information about our technology.

No-Hassle Trial

You can run a free, no-commitment trial of Citadel without even having to register an account. Limited to a single trial per device.

No strings attached. Our trial doesn't even collect data from you, except a teensy ID we invent to enforce the trial period, obviously. No games, no gimmicks, just a product that does what we say it does, and we're sure you'll agree. All you need to do is download the software, install it and click "Trial". Give it a try today!

Feature Highlights

Image Filtering

Citadel is trained to look at compatible images and check them for adult content, including provacative content and adult cartoons, with 98% accuracy.

Video Filtering

Citadel is trained to look at compatible streamed videos and determine if they contain adult content, including provacative content and adult cartoons, with 98% accuracy.

Text Filtering

Citadel is trained to understand and classify text into 141 categories, in 44 languages.

Chat Filtering

Citadel is trained to read compatible realtime web chat messages and alert users to language that is sexually suggestive or explicit.

On-Device Filtering

Unlike most filtering software, everything happens on your device. We do not send your private browsing data to servers to be filtered. We don't need it, we don't want it. This also means we're not running a bunch of power-draining servers around the world to do this.

Keyword Censor

Citadel has a customizable keyword censor to "bleep" out unwanted language without entirely blocking resources.

URL Filtering

Of course, Citadel has one of the oldest and most effective tools, URL exempting and blocking. However, Citadel bolsters this proven technology with a powerful filter syntax for more versatile filtering.


Citadel is good at what it does. Configure it to block what you want to block and rest assured that it's working. A filter that puts you to work is making you do it's job. Citadel works for you.

Browser Independent

Citadel filters HTTP and HTTPS traffic from any and all software, not just browsers, and no browser extensions are required.

Full Download Speed

Citadel uses a high-performance driver built in-house to ensure that all our powerful filtering doesn't degrade your download speed. In our testing on gigabit internet, our driver causes zero degridation of downstream performance.

Goodbye Dark Web

Many content filters can be defeated by dark web technology, such as the TOR browser. Citadel cannot. In fact, Citadel prevents this and any other kinds of proxy-based bypasses from working system-wide.

App Connection Control

Citadel enables you to choose specific software to filter, or capture all software to filter with exemptions, as well as drop any kind of web traffic from any software.

Visit the features page for complete, in-depth feature information.

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